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We believe that education should bring out the best in every child and hence we believe in providing an environment full of challenges and opportunities that will match their potentialities. We believe education to be an awakening rather than a transference of knowledge. Our motto “Vidhyahi Paramagatihi” (which literally means that education is the ultimate to progress) does not just refer to academic excellence but to human excellence where in every child will excel itself in whatever activity it is engaged.

We aim to mold our student through an all-round development & training, into an independent thinker, a well-adjusted social being and a responsible citizen, with a well-balanced personality, fully capable of taking the challenges ahead. We believe that children’s attitudes and approach to life must be rooted in Indian culture and Indian values of which we are very proud. We ensure that the child is the Architect of future world and good citizen of tomorrow.

Our students are guided by qualified teachers and scholars Counsellors and wellness teachers as an inspiration who are dedicated & Besides being highly who remember them with pride and gratitude, long after leaving the institution. competent in their respective academic disciplines, they are also committed to encouraging student involvement in extra and co-curricular activities. It is their enthusiastic willingness to go the extra mile that has endeared them, to batch after batch of SJES students Our Central school education is designed on a Central broad-based curriculum with the goal to ignite our nation's young minds. We believe in creating an environment where students also learn from our school and their peers & through friendship.