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School programmes are a wonderful way to enthuse students and to help the integration of both the class and the community of school. They develop management and organisational skills of students, create opportunities to integrate socially inactive students into common activities, provide an occasion to demonstrate our respect for national and state culture and display the diversity of students' life and interests.

SJES approach to education is committed to the creation of a learning environment that will enhance and facilitate children’s construction of his or her own powers of thinking through the combination of all the expressive, communicative and cognitive languages.

To ensure that all children in the school receive an education best suited to their needs, interests and abilities. We intend to do this by developing our understanding of the learning processes of all the children we teach which includes children of different genders and with various abilities, learning styles, and culture..

The school is privileged to possess a qualified and dedicated team of teachers, imbibed with a vision for the holistic development of their students. Besides being highly competent in their respective academic disciplines, they are also committed to encouraging student involvement in extra and co-curricular activities. It is their enthusiastic willingness to go the extra mile that has endeared them, to batch after batch of SJES students who remember them with pride and gratitude, long after leaving the institution.

Lecture Halls - The Lecture Halls are airy, spacious and well ventilated, in conformity with international standards. Extensive use of audio-visual media enables the students to grasp advance technology quite easily.
Transportation - College bus facility is available for transporting the students from college to Hospitals, Industrial Visits, Hostel and for other extra curricular activities.
Playground - A large playing area with a wide variety of play equipment suitable for different age groups.
Canteen - Spacious, hygienic canteen.